GameChangers Southwark

This programme identified areas where local young people have fewer opportunities to access positive, developmental pathways to increase their resilience and reduce the risk of involvement in crime.

This will mobilise the community to increase the sense of ownership and stewardship of local facilities using football to engage boys, girls, parents and carers and local volunteers to utilise and re-invigorate public space and facilities. The project links young people to the broader GameChangers programme, including pathways to qualifications in coaching and community work and employment.

The GameChangers programme coordinates shared methods, collaboration, implement peer learning and sharing measurement tools across with our partner providers, and linking into other providers and in particular those in the local Youth Providers Network. These areas have been selected based on consultation with young people as well as a multi-stakeholder approach including the police, youth offending, community safety, funders, voluntary sector providers and housing.

The project uses football combined with a detached youth work and a youth inclusion methodology to established Mad About Football within the identified hotspots.