Inclusive Pride

Our aim for Inclusive Pride is to support young people aged 16-25 with a disability towards a position where they are empowered and able to take control over their decisions, have individual autonomy and ultimately act independently to manage their independence.

Delivery of ASDAN Independent Living and Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE) courses per cohort per year, upskilling participants in topics such as Peer Mentoring, Living Independently and Personal Effectiveness. Course content delivered as six blocks of six weeks. Each block covering a different Independent Living and CoPE accredited module.

All participants will gain wider life skills, such as managing money and using public transport, and receive one-to-one mentoring and advice from a relatable role model and peer network that will put them in a better position to act independently.

Each young disabled person engaging on the programme will be part of the organisation and delivery of inclusive practical and developmental activities, through the weekly sessions and the community events delivered by each cohort. This will improve awareness and accessibility of inclusive support programmes, benefiting all local disabled people.

All young people with disabilities will gain increased access to regular inclusive sports sessions which will lead to improvements in physical health, strength, ability and psychological wellbeing.