Millwall Community Trust - MCT tackling food poverty and making this Christmas special

Millwall Community Trust - MCT tackling food poverty and making this Christmas special

This Christmas, Millwall Community Trust is working hard to support the families in the local community. 

From the ‘Christmas in a box’ initiative, to our Millwall NCS participants helping Voluntary Service Lewisham create Christmas hampers, to the FREE activities and food winter camps, MCT will be doing what they can to enable local families to have a special Christmas.

Last year, Steve Beadle and Barry Nelson, of the CWU union, approached Millwall Community Trust and Bermondsey Pie ‘n’ Mash about the idea after the success of Marcus Rashford’s campaign to give school children free meals during the school holidays. MCT wants to continue supporting that great initiative, and one way they are doing this is by providing healthy meals to children attending the winter camps.

When speaking live on BBC Radio London, Sean Daly, CEO of Millwall Community Trust, reiterated why this initiative is important. He said: “With schools closed, my trustees and the club decided that we need to run activities for children. They’ve got nothing going on, so we’re going to be running football camps free of charge for 10 days over Christmas. We’re going to be feeding the children as well during the day, to make sure that they get a healthy meal.”

He went on to emphasise just how much work Millwall will be putting in to make sure needs are met over the holidays, he said: “I’ve got a load of volunteers, which is great because they’re the supporters club, my staff, etc… but we’re going to be working right up to Christmas eve, and then back on the 27th. So, we’re literally shut down for those 2 days and then back working. We’ll always be on call if people are needed.”

MCT looks forward to welcoming everyone to the camps next week.

To get involved with the Southwark Camps



  • St Pauls Sports Centre, Salter Road Rotherhithe 10am -2pm

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To get involved with the Lewisham Camps


  • Lions Centre, Bolina Road, SE16 3LD   10am -2pm
  • Lewington centre Eugenia road Silwood Estate, SE16 2RU. 10am-2pm

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