Millwall Community Trust (MCT) Ambassador Chris Kongo was crowned the new IBO intercontinental welterweight champion after a unanimous decision over Florian Marku on Easter Sunday.

Chris’ team invited Millwall staff and participants to watch the fight and support him from the crowd. It was a great evening for all, and an even better day with Chris securing the win.

After his win, Kongo told Sky Sports: “I came here, I prayed, I trusted in the work. All you have to do is trust. Last year I took an L (defeat), but that didn’t stop me from sticking in the gym and keep working.

“I always knew that one day that would pay off. Now, I promise myself once I win this I’m going straight back into the gym and I’m getting back to work. Nobody is going to stop me.

“I'm going to keep staying disciplined inside the ring - training - and outside.

“The first couple of rounds, I felt his power and I said ‘yeah, this isn’t stopping me, he’s not stopping me'.

“In my head I was saying stay disciplined and keep working and it paid off. I’ve had a year out of the ring, and it was really hard but the one thing I did was stick in the gym, I stayed in the gym 24/7 and I kept working so that’s the main thing.

“I would like to say I’m actually proud of myself for doing that.”

Sean Daly, CEO of Millwall Community Trust, said: “It was a great show, and really showed what a hard worker Chris is, and how far along he’s come as a boxer and an inspirational individual. 

“I’m glad he will continue to be involved in the community as a positive role model for the kids."