Millwall's Pan Disability side has been busy attending a tournament and matches at the Fulham Training Ground as part of the Regent's Park League.

The League is a new Pan Disability competition that will start to run every Sunday regularly from September. As usual we travelled using public transport. Those journeys allow our players to boost their confidence and improve their travel independence skills and knowledge. 

It is also a fantastic opportunity to discover new parts of London like Regent's Park with their team-mates.  Besides their improving skills related to football in the last few months the team is really coming together as their friendship, communication and support with each other has constantly grown. 

We can really notice their enhancement and thank you to the opportunity given through those sessions delivered by Millwall Community Trust.

Looking back to the team’s result at Fulham and in a three team round robin tournament Millwall picked up two wins (2-0 & 1-0) one draw (0-0) and one defeat (1-0) and we wanted to mention a fantastic performance from James during all the matches and a great goal.

At Regent's Park we had two wins (2-0 & 3-2) and an unfortunate 4-3 loss in which we hit the post five times! Harlee scored the goal of the tournament with an amazing strike from outside the box and Junior impressed everyone scoring both goals in our victory with the Elverstone Team. 

A special mention to Ezequiel who scored his first goal since joining the adult team. 

Ezechiel recentely joined the adult team after speding the past few years spent in the Under 18 side. Ezechiel slotted into the adult team straight away showing the successful path that he started years ago when joining the Millwall Pan Disability Sessions.

 A well done to all players with a special mention to Steve, Rayan, Tyrese, Junior and Kedar. 

All of them in each session and matches give their best achieving great performances and being a great example for other players. Steve is constantly improving as a goalkeeper, Tyrese is our 'wall' in defense, Rayan is gaining tactical knowledge skills and control in the midfield, Kedar never stops and offers great performance in different parts of the pitch, whilst Junior is a such a team player always ready for a joke with his team-mates but when training and during matches offers fantastic performances in different positions, being a solid defender but also a great striker too.

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