Millwall Community Trust - Helping Kickstart Careers

Millwall Community Trust - Helping Kickstart Careers

Millwall Community Trust (MCT) are helping kickstart careers through the new Government Kickstart Scheme.

The Kickstart Scheme, introduced by the Government last year, was a response to the growing unemployment caused by Covid-19. Millwall Community Trust, in partnership with the EFL, has created over 20+ new 6-month job placements for young people currently on Universal Credit and/or at risk of long-term unemployment. Kickstart provides an opportunity for young people claiming Universal Credit to pursue a fully-funded career in their chosen field. Many organisations, including MCT, have utilised this opportunity to give young people a new pathway into employment.

John Scarborough, Education and Employability Manager at MCT, said: “These roles will give young people in our community the opportunity to build their skills in the workplace and gain experience in order to improve their chances of finding long-term work.”

Young people have been significantly affected by Coronavirus, and the EFL has allocated 500 positions on six-month placements that will help tackle that.

Mike Evans, CEO of the EFL Trust, said: “The impact of COVID-19 on our young people is clearly very significant, and we are delighted to be able to offer opportunities to young people in our communities through the Kickstart programme.

“A key part of our strategy at the EFL Trust is to raise aspirations and realise the potential within our communities, and a scheme like Kickstart enables us to have a significant impact on the young people who need our support most right now.”

MCT has offered various positions on the Kickstart Scheme. From teaching assistant roles to coaching roles and roles in their PR team, MCT has provided young people many opportunities within the Trust.

Fleuranelle Duwhaz, 23, has taken up a role as a Media Officer at MCT through Kickstart and said: “After graduating university, I took on retail roles to build up my savings. Coronavirus made it difficult to have a consistent job, so I applied for universal credit.

“I was introduced to the Kickstart Scheme by my work coach. She told me about the Kickstart creative digital media & skills for work programme, a course that aims to provide learners with the necessary basic skills and knowledge to apply for entry-level roles in the creative digital media sector.

“Kieran Dobson spoke to us about the opportunity at Millwall Community Trust, and with guidance, I wrote a tailored cover letter and sent it alongside my CV. I was successful, and the role has helped me improve my skills and work towards a long-term role.”

As well as help young people, MCT is excited for the Kickstart Scheme to help further support and grow important, current, and new areas within the Trust.

Congratulations to all the new starters at the Trust.

*For full details of the Kickstart Scheme CLICK HERE

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