Successful Millwall Community Trust Winter Holiday Camps

Successful Millwall Community Trust Winter Holiday Camps

Throughout the winter holiday break, Millwall Community Trust (MCT) had several initiatives in place to support local families in different ways.

One way MCT helped families was through the FREE Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) camps throughout Lewisham and Southwark.

The FREE camps gave children the opportunity to have fun physical activity, learn new skills, make new friends, and enjoy their break. As well as providing a free course, MCT worked with the Legendary Community Club to provide FREE hot, healthy meals, and delicious snacks to hundreds of children each day.

Alexandra McMillan, founder of the Legendary Community Club, said: “It was really great to be able to work with Millwall Community Trust and provide the food, and it was a huge team effort.

“We provided over 300 meals a day for young people in Lewisham, we brought in a team of young chefs and young people to lead on the project, and they spent over 10 hours cooking the food and preparing for the Christmas dinner.

“Outside of HAF we are a community volunteer-led organisation providing year-round food support to young people and their families in the community.”

Sean Daly, CEO of the Community Trust, said: “The camps were a great success! With schools closed, my trustees and the club decided that we needed to run activities for children. They’ve got nothing going on, so we ran football and multi-sports camps free of charge for 10 days over Christmas.

“It’s amazing to see how the camps positively affected the children’s and family’s wellbeing. We want to play our part in helping end childhood food poverty, and this is one way we’re doing that. We also provided families with a box full of ingredients for different meals, so they could enjoy cooking at home.

MCT will hold more camps throughout 2022 and we look forward to welcoming you all.”