Millwall’s Year-9 Alternative Provision (AP) programme in partnership with Conisborough College went bowling at Hollywood Bowl as recognition for their outstanding progress and development as a team and commitment throughout the Winter term. 

Millwall's AP Programme is a part-time alternative education provision delivered by Millwall Community Trust (MCT) and acts as a precursor to our post-16 football academy programme. 

The AP Academy provides Key stage 4 and Year 9 students opportunities to study towards a BTEC Sport qualification, Employability, and industry specific qualifications, whilst partaking in practical, sport-related activities and learning.

The group have had a fantastic start to the year and have produced work to be proud of as well as working to an excellent standard.

Conisborough College was closed on Monday but the students still came to Millwall, showing their dedication and willingness to continue learning.

John Scarborough, Millwall Community Trust’s Education and Employability Manager said: “It’s great to see the progress within the group as they evolve and develop into a positively functioning team.

“They are supporting and challenging each other to be the best versions of themselves and I’m really looking forward to seeing their progress throughout the year.”

Beyonce Blair, Millwall Community Trust’s Activity Facilitator and Lead Tutor for the Alternative Provision Programme, said: “It was a really good day, the children had a lot of fun and they are excited to do more fun activities like this in the future.”

Miss Thomas, Co-Head of Year 9 at Conisborough College and Safeguarding Lead, said: “On a day when school was closed our Year 9 Millwall students eagerly attended the Millwall Community Trust AP programme and were rewarded with a trip to Bowling.

“We are proud to see the students so enthusiastic and committed to the programme. They are learning new skills and having an amazing time.  We are grateful to Millwall Community Trust staff for giving them this opportunity.

Ms Kirk, Co-Head of Year 9 at Conisborough College, said: “It was wonderful to hear from the Conisborough Year-9 Millwall students how proud of each other they were and how determined they are to succeed. 

“There were winners and losers at bowling but that did not dampen their enthusiasm. Team work makes the dream work!”

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