Millwall Mentoring

Our mentors will provide and create a safe environment so the young person can feel free to express and attend sessions without feeling like they are being judged or scrutinised.

Our mentors offer 1-1 mentoring sessions through the PL Kicks programme to support young people overcome bullying and help their mental wellbeing whilst reducing risky/harmful behaviours and anger management to name a few areas that young people are supported in.

Our mentors work with referral partners which include local police, local schools and community organisations, where they will refer any individuals that meets a specific referral criterion who may benefit from the programme, intervention and targeted support. Following an assessment and referral process the potential beneficiary is then partnered with a Millwall mentor coach who develops an overarching and individual programme of support.

The aim of the programme is to support young people into education, training and employment, whilst also supporting improving interpersonal skills with other young people. Young people who are referred by the police are also supported to reduce their offending behaviours.

Millwall mentors also deliver small group mentoring sessions through projects delivered with Active Communities for their New Deals for Young People's programme. The structure of these sessions follows the same themes as our 1-1 sessions. Some of the sessions we have delivered are Employability workshops, Education interventions, Job Fairs and after-school activities.